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Homeschoolers! helps you connect and share with other Homeschoolers.
How are you doing? I saw your post and would like to ask your opinion on something, because I went through the exact same process that you are right now.

My name is Jack Hatfield and we are a homeschooling family. My daughter was born premature in 2004 and we have focused our life on ensuring that same power she had to live, shines on everyday!

When we made the decision to homeschool, I also sought information. Everywhere I turned, it seemed that the information to do this was getting lost in the clutter and getting hard to find. My thoughts centered around an informational hub that all homeschoolers across the world could co-op, share and help one another to ensure the success of our children.

So, being an I.T. guy, I decided to pursue the idea of doing it all myself. I wanted a place for all homeschoolers can get the info they need, raise or save money, and get the advice or share their wisdom. That result brought me to create the Homeschooler Hub.

Just like you, I felt that if there were a, one could seek advice from a vast pool of homeschoolers. I am wondering if you would let me know if you think this could be beneficial from a new parents apprehension to entering homeschooling.

There are many groups to join, many bloggers to follow, but wow, that was a lot of info from a lot of places. I then thought about creating a little social world for just us homeschoolers and those seeking to learn more. Just because your child goes to public school does not mean you can't assist with home learning! So, I created our little place - Homeschoolers (facebook) Social Network - The Assembly can be found at

We are currently lining up tutors to hold classes off the site. We will have free tutor help in the youtube channel. We will have free help in the Assembly from other homeshool parents.

I firmly believe that with enough luck, enough exposure and firm determination, the Homeschooler Hub concept will work and thrive. We can teach our children. We can make a difference.

Do you think this concept can help or that we have enough - although disjointed information - out there?

I am not selling anything here, but I would love the opinion of any homeschooler or someone like you thinking about giving it a shot?

Would it make your decision easier if you knew help was just a click away? Would you make a decision when you know there was a place where you could ask for help with any issue?

Let me be the first to say, I know exactly how you feel, and I don't want you to feel that way. I want you to be confident and know that homeschooling could be the way to help your child like no other.

If you would like to try them, please go right ahead and join the Assembly. Tell others to join if you like, test the features out. Let me know what you think. Before we go viral and get all the news exposure in the world, I want the parents and homeschoolers to be happy!

Let me know your thoughts, either way, I wish you and your child and every child you reach the best of wishes for a brilliant success.


Jack Hatfield

Founder and Creator of the Homeschooler Hub

The world's first Homeschooling Social Network at the Assembly

Bestselling Author and Speaker

Homeschooling Dad